New artistic director of Vanemuine Ballet will be Jevgeni Grib

At midnight on Saturday, at the end of the night gala dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Vanemuise Ballet, Vanemuise Theater ballet director Mare Tommingas introduced director and choreographer Jevgeni Grib to the public for the first time as the future ballet director of Vanemuise Theatre.

Grib will start working as a ballet director in the autumn of the 155th season of the Vanemuise Theatre. According to Aivar Mäe, Jevgeni Grib's strength is his ambition and dedication, his firm desire and vision to develop the Vanemuise ballet troupe and its quality to the heights to which the current ballet director Mare Tommingas has taken the ballet troupe during his 26-year tenure.

Source ERR (Estonian)