International Ballet Concert REVERANSS

The Future of Europe’s Ballet Gathers in Tartu

On the summer eve of 8 June, Culture Capital of Europe 2024 Tartu will host young ballet dancers from Oslo, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn, and Tartu itself, among whom you’ll see Estonian National Ballet soloists as well as young dancers at the cusp of their ballet journeys. International Ballet Concert Révérence serves to extend appreciation to ballet teachers from all the countries in attendance, to celebrate Ida Dance School’s Anniversary and to dance the ballerinas into the future!

The stage will welcome Ida Dance School graduates from Estonian National Ballet - soloist Ketlin Oja and dancers Triinu Upkin and Ellinor Piirimäe. Demi-soloist Marcus Nilson and dancer Luca Giovanetti will take the stage together with talented young dancers and students from well-known ballet schools in the region: Tallinn College of Music and Ballet, Youth Ballet Fouetté, Riga Choreography School, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Helsingin Tanssiopisto and Ida Dance School.

Tickets and more info can be found here!