Christmas Quiz 2020 - questions and answers

This year the annual Ballet Union Christmas Quiz has moved to Internet. The members answered the questions from Dec 16th to Dec 21 2020. The results can be found here.
Now everyone can challenge their knowledge about ballet and Christmas!

ESTONIAN BALLET UNION CHRISTMAS QUIZ 2020. Correct answers are written in the end.

1.     How many arabesques are there in ballet?

·         3

·         4

·         5

2.     What are the main components for the royal icing for gingerbreads? (pick 2)

·         Powdered sugar

·         White Chocolate

·         Egg white

·         Flour

·         Milk

·         Ice

3.     "The Nutcracker" ballet is based on E. T. A. Hoffmann's tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Or actually on an adaption of the original tale. Who wrote the adaption that was later used in St. Petersburg while creating the ballet?

·         Mark Twain

·         Alexandre Dumas

·         S. T. Lewis

·         Aleksey Tolstoy

4.     In the popular Christmas movie "Home Alone" (1990, dir. Chris Columbus) the adventures begin after the McCallister family goes to a vacation and little Kevin is accidentally left home. Where did the family go for the vacation?

5.     What world-famous ballet dancer shares his first name with one of Santa's reindeers?

·         Baryshnikov

·         Nureyev

·         Legris

6.     From what movie is the loved Christmas song "White Christmas" from?

·         “Wonderful Life”

·         “Holiday Inn”

·         “Christmas Carol”

7.     Who from the following has not staged "Nutcracker" in Estonia (the country)?

·         Tiit Härm

·         Pär Ibsberg

·         Mare Tomingas

·         Tamara Ramonova

·         Mai Murdmaa

8.     Who plays the lead in "Die Hard"?

·         Jack Nicholson

·         Tom Hanks

·         Tom Cruise

·         Keanu Reaves

·         Bruce Willis

9.     The Estonian Ballet Union granted lately a scholarship named after Anna Ekston. Who was Anna Ekston? (There are more than one correct answer)

·         The founder and chairman of the Estonian Ballet Union

·         Founder of the Theatre Estonia ballet company

·         Founder and director of the Tallinn Ballet School

·         ballet soloist at the Flemish Royal Opera

·         Mother of 5 children

·         dance teacher at Cabare Folies Bergère in Paris

·         Graduate of the Stockholm Royal Ballet Academy

10. There is a dance where there are 7 jumps from two legs to the right leg and 7 jumps from two legs onto the left, 5 jumps on one leg - 2 of them on the right and 3 of them on the left. 3 jumps are from the right leg to the left leg and 4 from the left leg to the right leg. 6 jumps are from the left leg landing to both legs and 8 jumps from the right leg landing to both legs. How many times does one have to take off from the right leg during this dance? (including the taking-offs that are from both legs)


1. 4; 2. *Powdered sugar, *Egg white; 3. Alexandre Dumas; 4. Paris; 5. Nureyev; 6. “Holiday Inn”; 7. Tiit Härm; 8. Bruce Willis; 9. *Founder and director of the Tallinn Ballet School, *ballet soloist at the Flemish Royal Opera, *dance teacher at Cabare Folies Bergère in Paris; 10. 27 (one has to count all the jumps starting from both legs and all the jumps starting from the right one)