Estonian National Opera Premieres New "The Nutcracker"

Estonian National Opera premieres G. Harangozo "The Nutcracker"!

Ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Libretto by Marius Petipa based on the fairy-tale of E. T. A. Hoffmann and Alexandre Dumas (perè)

World premiere on December 18, 1892 at the Mariinsky Theatre

Premiere in the Estonian National Opera on December 1, 2023

PS: On Friday, December 1, before the premiere of ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker", we invite all people to a dinner "Stage fever before the premiere" in the Estonia restaurant where the creative team of the new production will join the guests. Alongside a delicious three-course dinner, we will talk about exciting details and incidents related to the birth of the production, which might go unnoticed on the stage. In an open discussion, visitors will also find answers to their questions. Registration and information, mob 5121854

Music Director and Conductor: Kaspar Mänd
Conductor: Risto Joost, Mikk Murdvee
Choreographer and Stage Director: Gyula Harangozó (Hungary)
Assistants of the Stage Director: Blanka Fajth (Ungari), Balazs Krajczar (Ungari)
Set and Video Designer: Kentaur (Hungary)
Costume Designer: Rita Velich (Hungary)
Lighting Rasmus Rembel
Stage Manager Anton Osul
Repetiteurs Linnar Looris, Daniel Kirspuu, Marina Kesler, Luana Georg, David Jonathan, Age Oks, Katrin Kivimägi
Pianist-Repetiteurs Yuliya Braun, Olena Ilnitska

Estonian National Opera invites everyone to enjoy one of the most brilliant and heart-warming Christmas classics of all times! Gyula Harangozó’s staging of the new “The Nutcracker” takes you on a dazzling tour of a fairy tale wonderland, brimming with your favourite melodies by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Gyula Harangozó: “With my ballet I would like to go back to its roots to be able to make it contemporary. It sounds as a contradiction, but it is not. When “The Nutcracker” was staged in St. Petersburg approximately 150 years ago, there was a very rough difference between the first act and the rest of the performance. The first act was a “here and now” situation with a 19th century Christmas party where the children could recognise everything they saw on stage. The rest of the ballet was a dream, a fairy tale where anything could happen without limits. This duality has disappeared by the passing of time and the whole performance has become a fairy tale for us.

To keep the original dramaturgy, I would like to stage the first act as “here and now”, hoping that the children will be familiar with everything that they see on stage – beginning with the costumes and sets up to a video game and the dolls shown by Drosselmayer – and are easily involved in the show. The second half of the performance will be built on the classical tradition inspired by the choreography of Vasili Vainonen, so the fans of the classical ballet will meet their expectations”.


Nutcracker-prince: Joel Calstar-Fisher, William Newton, Cristiano Principato, Ali Urata, Francesco Piccinin, Leonardo Celegato, Erik Thordal-Christensen, Andrii Havrõljuk, Sergei Upkin
Klara: Ami Morita, Anna Roberta, Laura Maya, Akane Ichii, Marta Navasardyan, Ketlin Oja, Madeline Skelly, Alena Shkatula
Drosselmeier: Jevgeni Grib, Ali Urata, Francesco Piccinin, Marcus Nilson, William Newton, Joel Calstar-Fisher, Cristiano Principato, Erik Thordal-Christensen
Mr. Stahlbaum: Erik Thordal-Christensen, Marcus Nilson, Nikos Gkentsef, Finn Adams, Vitali Nikolajev
Ms. Stahlbaum: Triinu Leppik-Upkin, Marjana Fazullina, Nadežda Antipenko, Ksenia Seletskaja
The Grandmother: Oksana Saar, Ana Gergely, Nanae Maruyama, Lena Scherer
Spiderman: Luca Giovanetti, Pol Monsech, Jan Trninic, Antonio Gallo
Barbie: Laura Maya, Marta Navasardyan, Ketlin Oja, Nanae Maruyama
Robot: Antonio Gallo, Leonardo Celegato, Jan Trninic, Finn Adams
Rat King: Andrii Havrõljuk, Erik Thordal-Christensen, Marcus Nilson, Nikos Gkentsef, Finn Adams, Connor Williams
Snowflakes: Akane Ichii, Marta Navasardyan, Beatriz Domingues, Anthea van der Ham, Abigail Mattox, Nanae Maruyama, Ana Gergely, Phillipa McCann, Lena Scherer, Ellinor Piirimäe
Spanish dance: Abigail Mattox, Anthea van der Ham, Kim Jana Hügi, Phillipa McCann, Beatriz Domingues, Anastasiia Sosimova, Oksana Saar, Lena Scherer, Karina Leškin, Marianna Odinets, Kirara Ishikura, Karite- Mirell Mander, Lisa Jamieson
Chinese dance: Beatriz Domingues, Phillipa McCann, Akane Ichii, Anthea van der Ham, Lena Scherer, Antonio Gallo, Jan Trninic, Leonardo Celegato, Cristiano Principato, Ali Urata
Arabic dance: Nanae Maruyama, Laura Maya, Oksana Saar, Marta Navasardyan, Ana Gergely, Anastasiia Sosimova, Marcus Nilson, Samuel Parham, Joel Calstar-Fisher, Nikos Gkentsef, Connor Williams, Erik Thordal-Christensen
Russian dance: Akane Ichii, Ana Gergely, Beatriz Domingues, Phillipa McCann, Laura Maya, Leonardo Celegato, Ali Urata, Joel Calstar-Fisher, Finn Adams, Antonio Gallo, Francesco Piccinin

Recommended for ages 4+

More information and tickets can be found on Estonian National Opera website!