III Sügisene Balletiõhtu / III Autumn Ballet Evening in Rakvere

On the 2nd of November 2020 at 19.00 takes place "III Sügisene balletiõhtu" at Rakvere Theater within the program of Culture Festival.

„Sügisene balletiõhtu“ is a ballet gala dedicated to the time of spirits (hingedeaeg) which aims to introduce and popularize professional level classical- and contemporary dance and enrich the cultural scene in Rakvere town and in Lääne-Virumaa.
Two short productions will premiere: H. Veidebaum ́s „Torm“ (Storm) by Tallinn Ballet School and Rakvere Dance Theater ́s debut „Hetkede album“ (The album of moments) staged by N. Kaymash (Russia), performed by Kristiina Pritsõk, Kerstin Lõzlova, Jaroslav Galitski and Mehis Saaber.

The ballet evening is in two acts. Artistic director-organizer Mehis Saaber.
Info and tickets from Piletilevi!

  • The first „Sügisene balletiõhtu“ took place at Rakvere Cultural Centre ́s big hall as a thematic chamberconcert.
  • Rakvere Dance Theater was founded as a project based theater in the summer of 2019, but makes it ́s debut performance in this year ́s „III Sügisene balletiõhtu“. The theater wishes to develop professional level dance in Rakvere and areas around it.
  • 1st-8th of November 2020 takes place Rakvere Cultural Festival organized by Rakvere Cultural Centre, which patron is maestro Arvo Pärt