International Summer Night Ballet Gala 2023

The international summer night ’Ballet Gala’ brings dancers from all over the world (Japan, the United States, Europe) to the stage of the Estonian National Opera, and this is a one-time performance.

The two-act ‘Ballet Gala’ offers a unique opportunity to meet international ballet stars and see fresh news stories.

Two parts of the evening present pearls from the Gold Fund of classical ballet and new contemporary dance numbers. The brilliant Michal Krčmář (Finnish National Ballet), Yolanda Correa Frias (Berlin State Ballet), Cristiano Principato (Estonian National Ballet), and Elisabetta Formento (Spanish National Ballet) will take the stage.

The short numbers are directed by Triinu Upkin (Estonia), Jevgeni Grib (Estonia), Cristiano Principato (Estonia) and Viki Bromberg Psihoyos (USA).

The artistic director of the international summer night ‘Ballet Gala’ is Sergei Upkin.

Event starts at 19.00
Part I (1 hour)
Break (20 min)
Part II (40 min)

Tickets can be found here!