Revival of "Coppelia" at the Estonian National Opera

Revival of the ballet "Coppelia" at the Estonian National Opera!

The theater´s homepage says the following:

Based on the story by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann „The Sand-Man“
World premiere on May 2, 1870 in Opéra Paris
Revival of the 2010 production at the Estonian National Opera on March 5, 2021

“A joyful, colourful ballet which is suitable for children and adults alike.”
Daily Express

“There are few things greater than Coppélia.”
Daily Telegraph

After the premiere at Opéra Paris in 1870, Coppélia has been a huge success with audiences, and it has been in the repertoire of theatres for almost a century and a half.

The choreography by Ronald Hynd has enticed the audiences at the English National Ballet for several seasons. The choreography is based on the version originally composed by Marius Petipa and exudes classical beauty accompanied by wonderful melodies by Delibes.

Doctor Coppélius, a maker of toys, has created a life-size doll and his dream is to bring it to life. When it seems that he has eventually succeeded doing it, Coppélius finds out that two young lovers Swanilda and Franz have fooled him. The story goes through mistakes and adventures, ending with a merry wedding party of Swanilda and Franz.

“There’s no prince and no princess in it. It’s peasants, it’s a boy and a girl in a village, and there are no overly romantic tones to it. It’s just a simple romance – no swan, no sleeping beauty. It’s life. And I think that’s why it’s really always been successful, because people can identify with the very simple, charming story.”
– Ronald Hynd