Teet Kask´s ballet "The Golden Temple"

On the 1st of December 2020 premieres Teet Kask´s ballet „Golden Temple” 

On the website of artistic collective Birdname one can read the following:

Ballet “GOLDEN TEMPLE” (Inspired by a novel of Yukio Mishima “The Temple of the Golden Pavilion”)

The most-well known novel by Mishima Yukio (1925-1970) based on the incident of burning down the Kinkaku-ji Tempel in Kyoto follows the bizarre relationship between a young monk and the Golden Temple which starts to unfold already in the main character’s childhood when he hears stories from his father about the most beautiful thing in the world. The temple with all its beauty conquers the young boy’s mind, changes it, manipulates with it by manifesting itself to the boy at the most inappropriate moment and then again, keeping all its beauty to itself. In the state of confusion, the young monk is left with no choice but to destroy the source of this beauty in order to be set free.


Why a ballet? A destructive idea starts to move somewhere in the undefined dark depth of a human being. Before we know the meaning, something stirs and dances inside us.

An idea becomes an act through the chain of movements. A lot of these movements are meetings with people. A relationship between two persons is described by their distance and changes in it better than by words.

But first and foremost, BEAUTY. At times, Mishima’s text is itself like a description of a beautiful and magical ballet production: “Each individual part contained a reference to the beauty of the next individual part. The beauty of each detail was filled with its anxiety. Beauty dreamt of perfection yet had no idea of finalization, and so it was lured on to the next unknown beauty.” 

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