Timbu-Limbu's Court and the Snow-Millers

On the 7th of November premieres Linnar Looris´s dance production for children!

Based on Kalju Kangur’s children story “Timbu-Limbu’s Court and the Snow-Millers” (Timbu-Limbu õukond ja lumemöldrid)
World premiere in the Estonian National Opera Chamber Hall on November 7, 2023

Choreographer and Stage Director: Linnar Looris
Designer: Reili Evart
Lighting: Rasmus Rembel
Storyteller: Linnar Looris or Priit Aimla

Approx. running time: 45 min
The music is recorded.
Suggested age: 3+

NB! Texts are in Estonian without translation!

A doll Timbu-Limbu, a dog Muki and a tumbler Toru-Loru are ready to enjoy the winter. Soon you will be able to go sledging and skiing and Christmas is not far. This winter, something is different – snow cannot be found anywhere and a strange humming fills the air. An exciting adventure is about to begin that tells of making snow, of interesting characters and friendship that overcomes all obstacles. Estonian National Opera welcomes small and big fans of fairy-tales, dance and winter to the chamber hall, where you can enjoy a brand new children’s production!


Snow-Miller Oku: Nikos Gkentsef, Marcus Nilson
Snow-Miller Toku: Joel Calstar Fisher, Finn Adams, Connor Williams
Evil Witch: Triinu Leppik-Upkin, Nadežda Antipenko, Marjana Fazullina
Timbu - Limbu: Lena Scherer, Beatrize Domingues
Dog Muki: Antonio Gallo, Jan Trninic, Pol Monsech
Toru - Loru: Abigail Mattox, Phillipa McCann
Trebla: Francesco Piccinin, Luca Giovanetti, Jevgeni Gri, Pol Monsech
Pimpelsang: Linnar Looris, Priit Aimla

Tickets and more info can be found here!