Anna Roberta was awarded the Estonian Ballet Union scholarship for an outstanding dancer

Today, on the International Dance Day, the board of the Estonian Ballet Union awarded Anna Roberta, a demi soloist of the Estonian National Ballet, with a scholarship for an outstanding dancer.

Anna made her debut in 2020 in the double role of Odette-Ottilie, danced the title role in the ballet "Anna Karenina" and created a lyrical-poetic role of the Dark Angel in "Serenade". Triinu Upkin, Head of the Board of the Estonian Ballet Association, presented the scholarship at the Theatre Estonia.

The amount of the Estonian Ballet Union's scholarship for an outstanding dancer is 350 euros and it is intended for the scholarship holder's professional self-improvement. The winner of the scholarship is decided by the board of the Ballet Union. The scholarship for an outstanding dancer is awarded every year, previously it has been awarded to the Estonian National Ballet soloist Laura Maya (2020), Vanemuine ballet soloist Raminta Rudžionite (2019) and Estonian National Ballet soloist Ketlin Oja (2018).

Congratulations to Anna!

Photo: Stina Vürmer