Ballet Union has a blog!

From now on each member of the Estonian Ballet Union has the possibility to share their views on culture as a blog that awaits co-works has been created for the Ballet Union's webpage.
The blog was born thanks to some members of the union who wished for a platform where to practice writing about dance in front of a smaller audience. The board of the union decided to broaden the reach and invites everyone to contribute to our cultural field and to the documentation of Estonian ballet history.
In the first post "Kuidas kirjutada balletiliidu blogi?" ("How to write Ballet Union's blog?") Triinu Upkin explains the purpose of the blog and shows some examples of how to write a blog post. The aim of the blog is both to educate and to entertain. We are looking forward to publishing performance critics, studies and essays about ballet and dance, memoirs e.t.c. Especially awaited are posts about cultural trips and performance viewings abroad that were supported by the union. The style of the writings is free. You can write in an academic language using footnotes, compose a poem, write a personal-style travel diary or an official report - the choice is yours.
All blog posts are to be sent to blogi@balletiliit.eePosts can be written in Estonian or English (or Russian when agreed upon in advance). The blog is the only page of the union's website that will not be translated. All posts will appear in their original language both in Estonian and English views.

You can find the blog on the main menu and the last blog post can be seen in the footer of our webpage.