"Gifted experience 2020"

A new year brings new possibilities to experience and see, to listen and to watch. Estonian Ballet Union wishes to support its members in collecting beautiful experiences and offers once more the possibility to apply for the creative scholarship "Gifted experience" to attend cultural performances in 2020.
The maximum amount of the popular scholarship is 200 euros and each applicant has to pick a suitable amount according to his/her plans for the year. The scholarship covers theatre, concert, art exhibition and dance-related cinema screening tickets and transportation if needed (for example when people from Tallinn go to see a show in Tartu or vice versa).
To apply for the scholarship, you need to fill the pre-filled form, sign it digitally and sent it to or fill the file for print and take it to the contact person in Tallinn (Triinu Upkin) or Tartu (Janika Suurmets) or send it to Estonian Ballet Union, Uus street 5, 10111 Tallinn.
The management board looks at the applications every month after the 10th date. If the application is accepted, a contract for the purposeful use of the scholarship is to be signed by the scholarship receiver and the union. Deadline for the report (with all the tickets) is January 31st, 2021.