Mai Murdmaa was awarded the prize of a Meritorious Cultural Figure in Tallinn

The honorary member of the Estonian Ballet Union, renowned choreographer and director Mai Murdmaa was awarded the Tallinn Meritorious Cultural Figure Award, which was handed over at the Tallinn Day concert “Cooperative spirit” on 14 May in the Estonia Concert Hall.

The Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, Vadim Belobrovtsev, formulated the Statute of the Prize as follows: “The purpose of the Prize is to recognize the creative activities of the meritorious cultural figures of Tallinn and their contribution to our cultural life. The meritorious cultural figure is awarded for outstanding creative work in the fields of art, theater, film, dance, music, architecture or literature.

Belobrovtsev: “There have been many ballet performances under the hand of Mai-Ester Murdmaa that have been enjoyed by several generations of classical dance dancers. In addition to Estonia, she has directed in many parts of the world, including the United States, Hungary, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. ”

Mai Murdmaa has been awarded the Order of the White Star of the 3rd Class in 2001 and the National Prize for Cultural Life in 2011.

As exceptionally, Tallinn City Government decided to give out two prizes for the meritorious cultural figure of Tallinn, in addition to Mai Murdmaa, the prize went to pianist and music teacher Ivari Ilja. Earlier Ivari Ilja has been awarded the Cultural Prize of the Republic of Estonia (2001), the Annual Award of the Estonian Music Council (2006) and the 4th Class Order of the White Star (2008).