Over 150 000 euros have been donated to support Anatoli Arhangelski

As of Aug 4th, 152 274,17 euros have been donated for support of Anatoli Arhangelski, the principal soloist of the Estonian National Ballet, who is fighting for a rare disease in Udine Hospital, Italy.

Big thank you to all the donors! It is heartwarming to see how much Anatoli's story has moved people and how many have wanted to contribute. Undoubtedly, the support of all of us will be of great help to both Anatoli and his family.
Anatoli has been diagnosed with Prion disease and he will continue to be treated at the Udine hospital. 

On July 27, the Estonian Ballet Union asked the public to help Anatoli Arhangelski, who is struggling with a serious and rare disease at Udine Hospital in Italy, and began collecting donations to cover Anatoli's treatment and living abroad.