The General Meeting of the Estonian Ballet Union elected a new Board and decided to accept junior members

The Estonian Ballet Union welcomes junior members, the General Meeting decided on September 28. A new Management Board was elected by secret ballot.

The General Meeting of the Ballet Union is the highest governing body of the union, which meets once every three years. Despite the uncertain time, the participation in this year's meeting was higher than expected - 56 members and 90 mandates were present. The union has a total of 186 members.

The General Meeting listened to the Head of the Board Triinu Upkin's summary of the activities of the last three years and the leaders of the largest Estonian ballet institutions - Linnar Looris (Estonian National Ballet), Mare Tommingas (Vanemuine Ballet) and Kaie Kõrb (Tallinn Ballet School) - spoke. All the speakers seemed to share the message that there is a driving force behind kind cooperation and the feeling of communion.

Some changes have been made to the Articles of Association, the most important of which is that the Estonian Ballet Union can accept junior members in the future. A junior member is a ballet school student at least 16 years old, whose rights and obligations are more limited than those of active, senior and honorary members, and these are set out in the Articles of Association. The junior member does not belong to the Theatre Union.

A new five-member board was elected from six candidates by secret ballot. 143 ballots were received, Janika Suurmets received 143 votes, Triinu Upkin 142, Lemme Saarma 140, Mehis Saaber 117, Age Oks 109 and Maria Engel 59. To the new Management Board belong: Janika Suurmets, Triinu Upkin, Lemme Saarma, Mehis Saaber, Agnes Oaks (Age Oks). At the request of the Management Board, Triinu Upkin will continue as the Head of the Board.

The General Meeting also elected the following members to the new Council: Maria Engel, Aivar Kallaste, Kersti Kuuse, Daniel Kirspuu, Ljudmila Kirš, Katrin Kivimägi, Saima Kranig, Kaja Kreitzberg, Kaie Kõrb, Tamara Kõrreveski, Benjamin John Kyprianos Roomes, Anna Roberta Lahesoo, Karina Laura Leškin, Seili Loorits-Kämbre, Külli Reinkubjas, Galina Rohumaa, Inna Sermus, Matteo Giulio Tonolo, Oksana Tralla, Juris Žigurs.


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The newly elected Board: Janika Suurmets, Mehis Saaber, Triinu Upkin, Lemme Saarma, Agnes Oaks.