The nominees of the Estonian theatre awards have been announced

March is the month of the theatre. The nominees for the Estonian theatre awards have been announced. The prizes will be handed over on the International Theatre Day, March 27 at the Russian Theatre in Estonia. 

The nominees for the ballet award are:

Alain Divoux – the Demon Swan in "Swan Lake" and Orpheus and Eros in "Metamorphoses" (both Theatre Vanemuine).

Sayaka Nagahiro – the Angel Swan in "Swan Lake" and the Deer in "Metamorphoses" (both Theatre Vanemuine).

William Newton – the Master in "Goblin" and Louis XIV in "Louis XIV - King Sun" (both Estonian National Ballet).

Marcus Nilson – the Farmhand in "Goblin" and Karenin in "Anna Karenina" (both Estonian National Ballet).

Ketlin Oja – the Daughter in "Goblin" (Estonian National Ballet).

Ballet award will be given for the achievements in 2021. The nominees and the winner is decided by the jury: Viesturs Jansons (chairman), Kaja Kreitzberg, Eve Mutso-Oja, Elena Poznjak-Kõlar and Dagmar Rang-Saal.

Congratulations to the nominees!

All the nominees in all the categories can be found at the Theatre Union webpage (in Estonian).