Winners of Estonian Ballet Union Christmas Quiz

Winners of the Christmas quiz have been drawn!

25 people took part of the electronic Christmas quiz. Maximum of 13 points were earned only by one person, 5 people were behind them only with one point - so all of those 6 were read as correctly answered.
The main award which was drawn between them, Isti Tsiini T-shirt, PUR candle and my_life_my_treats handmade sweets, goes to Emily Ward!
Between all other participants we drew two other awards sets (Pur candle and my_life_my_treats sweets), which were won by Kim Hügi and Galina Rohumaa.

Congratulations to winners and thank you all for participating!
Big thank you to our sponsors Isti Tsiin, PUR candles, my_life_my_treats!

The right answers can be found in the blog!