The Estonian Ballet Union is an artistic association promoting the art of dance and, first and foremost, the art of ballet. Our members include current and former ballet dancers, teachers, coaches, and choreographers. By supporting their creative activities, we contribute to the culture of dance in Estonia and in the entire world.

The Estonian Ballet Union is a federation of the Estonian Theatre Union, and all our members are in both of these Unions.

The Estonian Ballet Union was established on 17 November 1997. At the time, the name of the Union was the Estonian Professional Dancers Union. The chairmen of the management board have been Aleksander Kikinov, Aime (Leis) Garancis, Andrus Kämbre, Kalju Saareke, Dmitri Harchenko, and as of 2017, the position is held by Triinu Upkin.

In a general meeting that took place on 2 November 2017, the Estonian Ballet Union was chosen as the new name of the Union.