Pursuant to subsection 12 (5) of the Creative Persons and Artistic Associations Act, an artistic association may use the support for the payment of scholarships for the creative activities of creative persons and in-service training related thereto in the year following the year of allocating the support if the support has not been used to the full extent for the payment of support for the creative activities to the freelance creative persons.

Creative activity or creative persons of the Estonian Ballet Union and the in-service training related thereto includes the following in-service trainings:

Ballet-related training;

training for various dance styles, general fitness training;

training for dance techniques preserving health;

training for choreography and production;

theatre-related training;

raising of culture-related awareness, expansion of horizons with regard to culture.

Food can not be covered by the scholarship.

In order to apply for a creative scholarship, an application for a creative scholarship shall be submitted to the management board of the Ballet Union at

In order to speed up the procedure, the management board has decided to establish the 10th day of each month as the due date for applications.

Procedure for application and allocation of and reporting on creative scholarship:

An application for a creative scholarship shall be submitted in a quarter preceding the commencement date of the in-service training. On special terms and conditions, it may be submitted directly before the commencement of the in-service training. The management board of the Ballet Union goes through applications for scholarships at least 4 times a year, i.e. at least once per quarter. In order to speed up the proceedings, the current management board has taken upon itself to review the applications submitted by the 10th day of each month by the end of the month.

After the applications for scholarships have been reviewed, a written reply is sent to all applicants on the payment or refusal to pay the scholarship by no later than within 30 working days as of the due date of the submission of application. Upon refusal to pay the scholarship or upon partial payment thereof, the management board provides a written reasoning. Upon payment of the scholarship, a written contract on the use of the scholarship for the agreed purposes and on the reporting is entered into. After signing the contract, the amount of the scholarship is transferred to the bank account of the applicant.

By no later than within 30 days after the end of use of the scholarship, the applicant submits a report and payment documents on the use of the scholarship. The scholarship received obligates the member of the Union to continue his or her membership for at least a year as of the date of entry into the contract.

The management board has the right to pay the following scholarships without the obligation to submit expense reports:

Support for creative activity - The report contains a descriptive overview on the use of the scholarship, no payment documents are submitted;

The traditional named scholarship - Scholarships paid for a great contribution in the development of the art of ballet. There are scholarships for coaches/teachers (the Anna Ekston Scholarship), active dancers (the Estonian Ballet Union Scholarship), and choreographers (the Ida Urbel Scholarship). No reports or payment documents are submitted;

A one-time scholarship paid on anniversaries - the terms and conditions of which are decided by the management board.